Recruitment and Internal Appointments

Every company wants  the best people but Recruiting, Rewarding and Retaining is key in a booming economy which is driving a war for talent.  Kells Consulting can help you to attract and recruit the best talent with design and implementation of your recruitment process. When selecting internal or external candidates for key positions it is always good practice to get an objective viewpoint. Kells Consulting are happy to sit in on interview panels to ensure you run a balanced & fair selection process and end up selecting the right candidate. 


Human Resource Management Service

Kells Consulting can provide you with interim / outsourced HR Management or on call professional HR expertise.

Industrial Relations

Jim Reaney is recognised in the southern region as an experienced independent thinking IR Professional.

Employee Relations

Positive employee relations can be a source of competitive advantage to any company but what happens when employee relations are negative and creating a difficult work environment.

Recruitment and Internal Appointments​

The booming economy is driving a war for talent and every company wants to have the best people working for them.

Conflict / Dispute Resolution​

Key conflict resolution services available from Kells Consulting are mediation, conciliation and facilitation.


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